Church Services: 
Sundays at 9:00am



The Quilting Ladies is a group of caring women who enjoy meeting twice a month with the purpose of helping to prepare quilts to be shared locally, nationally, and internationally.  Many of our quilts are donated to Lutheran World Relief (LWR) which is a larger group which is able to distribute the quilts (along with other supplies) to places in our world where help is needed.  Last year alone, we donated 50 quilts to LWR and another 25 to local groups such as Returning Citizens and to our own church college students.  LWR delivered about 195,000 quilts to other places like Guatemala, Georgia, Mali and Ukraine to name a few.  And that was just in 2023!  In 2022, our group decided to keep all of the quilts local and to distribute them to our own Food Pantry recipients at Christmas.  There were about 100 quilts plus other donated blankets handed out in December of 2022.  In 2021, we also complete 75 quilts for LWR.  It's been amazing to see the work of our small group be able to joyfully complete so many quilts over the past few years. 


Our quilting group meets twice a month on the 2nd and 4th Thursday mornings from 9 am until 11 am.  We now have our own quilting room in the school wing, and we are thrilled with our space!  About 4 to 6 women come each morning to help tie and pin the quilts.  Volunteers from the church put together "Quilt Top Kits" which are available at the back of the church, and other volunteers can pick up a kit or two and take them home to sew together.  The tops are then returned to church and our group puts together the top with some batting and a fabric back and then ties them together.  The edges are pinned and then a sewer takes them home to sew and complete the quilt.

Twice a year (Spring and Fall) we like to bring our quilts into the church so that people can see the work of our group and be made aware of the need in our world for those less fortunate.  We are so blessed at our church; it only makes sense to share what we have with others in a multitude of ways.  The prayers are said for the PEOPLE who will receive the quilts, not for the quilts......they are a labor of love. 


We are an all-volunteer group and invite anyone who would like to join us to come on a Thursday morning and give it a try.  Any other questions or for more information you can contact the Church Office